Warrior Bath Tea Bag
Warrior Bath Tea Bag

Salt + Glow

Warrior Bath Tea Bag

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Dream about basking in the sun, sipping on fresh coconuts and be rejuvenated to take on the world again.

This bath teabag has been infused with invigorating aromas of lemongrass and coconut, together with an array of healing salts, coconut flakes and walnut shells to bring out the warrior in you.

How to use:
Run a hot bath and either drop the teabag into the water or hang it from the tap. Submerge yourself into the tub. After the salts have dissolved, tear open the bag and use the contents as a gentle exfoliator.
Ingredients: love, ROCK salt, Epsom salt, SEA SALT, oat, oat powder, coconut flakes, LEMONGRASS LEAVES, walnut shells, coconut oil, LEMONGRASS essential oil.